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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Drake-Covington Christmas Celebration

On the way home from Poppy and Enna's we stopped south of Memphis and took part in a family Christmas Celebration.

Abbey's cousin Molly has an amazing new home with an incredible family room upstairs.

Reed's cousin Brady got a really cool ball pit for Christmas. Reed thought that it was great.

Brady showed Reed how to play with the balls in the pit. Brady was very sweet and let Reed share his toys.

"Wait a minute, Brady, my Uncle Bill gave me this toy for Christmas. How did it get to your house?"

He's still having trouble believing that there can be more than one of something.

Brady shared his inflated sword with Reed.

Who do you think was happier to see who?

"Pop Rox and Lola? You know these people too?"

Reed's newest baby cousin, Ella and her mommy and daddy.

Reed carefully inspected all of Brady's toys to make sure that they were age-appropriate. He felt like it was his responsibility to take any of Brady's toys that may not be in his age range. We had to break it to Reed that we had NO room in our van for ANYTHING ELSE!

"Mommy, did you know that Aunt Ava was going to be here, too?"

Reed and Aunt Suzy must see something AMAZING just out of the view of the camera. Wonder what it was?

Reed, Aunt Molly, and Brady. They were ultra sweet. We kept trying to get the oldest of the baby cousins, Hugh, in the picture but he was too busy being a robot.

Hugh, the robot.

Reed has such a sweet face!

Brady loves his grandmother!

Last year at Molly and John's:

This year at Molly and John's:

What a difference a year makes! We will never be the same! What a great year 2007 has been!

Yeah! Family!
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