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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas at Pop Rox and Lola's -- Take 2

Today was a busy day at LandLife. Reed was quickly retrieved from his accomodations when he made his first wimper by his Aunt Ava. She was happy to rescue him from his baby bed.

After a little while, she fed him his breakfast.

Reed spent a little time after breakfast practicing his dental skills. He was shocked to learn that dentist actually don't practice on themselves.

Pop Rox pushed Reed in the car. Reed had a great time getting to ride around the house.

Later Aunt Ava and Reed played catch for a few minutes.

Lola and Pop Rox got Reed an upholstered cube which plays a different song on every side. It is really neat. Pop Rox and Lola are REALLY great at buying toys that make NOISE. Did we forget to mention that we are taking up a collection to buy batteries for all of these contraptions?

Reed and Aunt Ava got to spend lots of quality time together today.

Reed enjoyed all of the attention that he received from everyone.

We celebrated Christmas this afternoon with the Drake side of the family. Since Reed wasn't interested in opening gifts, Pop Rox decided to wear the paper.

Reed got a really cool ride-on car for Christmas.

He loves driving it around.

Aunt Ava and Uncle Brookie got Reed a "John Deere tractor" for Christmas. Reed had fun riding on it.

He especially loved the "cranking" noise.

And then he had a tractor wreck, proving the importance of the warnings to "never" let children play with this toy unattended. Apparently, children should be very well attended when they play with this toy because with 6 adults watching him, he still fell over.

Aunt Ava rescued him though.

I'm not saying who, but someone was sort of a baby hog today ... Can anyone guess who?

It's the simple things, like the light-up toy, that really made Reed happy.

He also enjoyed his tool kit.

After an abundance of gifts, we had a delicious traditional meal prepared by Lola. It was a great time to spend with our Drake family.

Tomorrow, Reed gets to meet his Great-Granny Burks.
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