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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Reed's Busytabulous Weekend

Reed has had an ultra-busy weekend.

First, he played some hide-n-go seek underneath the afghan.

Where's Reed?

There he is!

Reed was playing before our guests arrived and decided that he really needed to reach one particular toy. This led him to climb into the basket as seen here.

Reed was so happy that Mommy and Daddy's friends were coming over, but I think he was even more happy that Britton was coming over.

While he waited, he played with his horse.

Yeah! Britton is here! Mrs. Meilyn was holding Reed while Britton's Mommy held him.

I thought this was a cute one of Britton and our cross tree.

Up until now, the extent of Reed and Britton playing together has been staring at one another. Last night, they actually started interacting a bit more.

Ever the servant, our dear friend and the best music pastor EVER, Matt did the dishes.

Reed loves Mr. Matt.

Reed tried teaching Britton how to crawl. I don't think that he quite gets it yet.

I didn't get a picture of Mrs. Grace holding Reed, but he surely loves her.

Reed and Mommy watch as someone opens a present during while everyone was playing "dirty Santa."

We had a great time with our old Sunday School class (Abbey and I both teach children's classes now) and our small group! They have been the best group of friends. We had about 16 people over and they all got to see our new house.

Today has been a lot of Daddy time with Reed. Mommy had to play handbells in both services, so I was responsible for getting Reed up, bathed, fed, and to church.

We made it to church early!

Here's a picture of us after our Sunday afternoon siesta!
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