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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Reed Visits Daddy at Work

Mommy got in late last night because she was helping decorate at church for Christmas. She didn't get a chance to fix my lunch for work today. Okay, so I know how bad that sounds. I am capable of fixing my lunch, but Abbey knows how much I HATE the kitchen, so this is something that she does for me because she loves me. That's the way our marriage works, we help each other out!

ANYWAY, she called and said that she thought she and Reed might come and have lunch with me.

After a long nap, Reed got dressed. He was really excited when Mommy told him that they were coming to see Daddy.

As usual, we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant. Kay Kay came along with us. She doesn't usually pass up an opportunity to see Bubber.

After we ate, Reed came up to my office and saw all of my coworkers. He always draws a crowd. He was about at his threshold for attention by the time we remembered to take a picture. They were all excited to see Reed.

Uncle Bill wasn't there today when Reed came by, so Reed decided he wanted to take a picture in his office chair.

Now, everyone notice the title of this blog! Is it strange to anyone that there are no pictures with Reed and Daddy together? Is it even more weird that there are TWO pictures of Reed with Kay Kay holding him? hmmm. I sense a conspiracy.
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