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Friday, March 21, 2008

Zoo Day!

We went to the zoo today along with the rest of Nashville and the surrounding area! It was PACKED OUT! I remember when I was growing up and we went to Six Flags and was amazed at the number of cars in the parking lot. That's the way I felt at the zoo today. People were parking on the grass and everywhere in between. By the time that we left, several zoo employees were at the front gate, directing traffic to start parking in the median!

Reed was somewhat impressed with the elephants, as was he with all of the other animals. There was an older, possibly senile, woman at the elephants. She was talking to the elephant directing her to lift her feet up and show us what she could do. Problem is, she was whispering, so unless elephants have incredible hearing with those big ears, I don't think they could hear her.

I think that there may be some elephants in the background, far off.

We got to see the best neighbor in the whole-wide-world, Mia! She was at the zoo with her Mommy.

... And, of course, the meerkats. Reed loves them, but I am beginning to think that he loves them so much because they remind him of little dogs, which he loves. I really think that he loves them, because they are at his eye level.

A meerkat posing for the camera.

After the meerkats, we went into the "tropical" area which is an indoor exhibit and it was packed and hot. We saw some really gross things like bats, spiders, and snakes, but the WORST thing was the anaconda! That was the nastiest looking thing ever! Our house is neither snake, nor spider-friendly, in case you were wondering.

Next we went to the petting zoo, where Reed was more than willing to pet the goats. I am not sure what makes my son so very willing to touch stinky animals! I'm just really not into it!

After the petting zoo, we sanitized our hands and then we left. We headed to Chick-Fil-A and had lunch. From there, Reed decided to put up a good (but not fussy) fight to not go to sleep. In the end, the sleep won and he laid his head down. When we got home, Reed and I napped for a little while. Abbey worked on her writing assignment due soon.

When Reed woke up, we went to Lowe's and the grocery store along with the rest of our town. It was wild, but we succeeded. Abbey had to go to work at 3:30, so she didn't go to the store with us. We went and had supper with Abbey and then came home, went for a walk, and then cleaned up the house. Reed and I got the whole house clean. Well, actually, Reed got really sleepy after we got his room and the guest room clean. So, we took a break to give him a bath and bottle. Reed turned in and then I finished cleaning.

Now, Abbey is home and we are both tired!
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