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Monday, March 24, 2008

A Wright Nice Evening!

This morning, Reed slept until 7:30! That was a welcome sleep for Mommy who had stayed up late working on a writing assignment.

After breakfast, Reed thought that he needed to whisk something.

Reed has appointed himself the chairman of the neighborhood watch. He keeps an eye on our neighborhood from his window in the bonus room. Although most of our windows are taller than Reed, the window in the front of the bonus room is lower and is the perfect height for him to look out.

Today, the eagle-eyed watcher spotted an elderly couple looking at the house across the street which is on the market. Reed waved at them in order to make them feel safe and secure in our neighborhood.

Abbey made cupcakes for Reed's school tomorrow. They are having a belated Easter party.

Is there anything sweeter?

Tonight, we went to eat supper at the Wright's house. It was the first time that we have been able to go to their new house so we were excited. Reed was glad because he loves Hanna, Ashlyn, and Raleigh. He was also pretty happy to see Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Holly. An extra bonus was that Miss Jennifer was there too!

Raleigh had lots of toys like Reed, so Reed was thrilled to help her play with them.

Reed gave Raleigh a kiss. I don't think that Raleigh was prepared!

"Reed, I don't think that I am ready for a kiss just yet!"

Hanna is always so nice to Reed. Reed loves to get ot spend time with the Wright sisters.

Mr. Jeff let Reed play airplane and fly all over the room. Reed had a blast zooming all over the place.

Mr. Jeff did a double airplane with Reed and Raleigh.

After supper, and yes, before you ask, I wore my Easter outfit again today, I tried on Hanna's toe socks. They are pretty weird feeling.
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