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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday Fun!

"Mommy, it's Saturday! I'm weady to pway!"

"Fust, I want to pway with my twactor!"

"Uh, mommy did you notice that somebody is missing?"

"Maybe he is in here. I can't find him Mommy!"

"You did notice that Daddy was missing! He's coming home tonight?"

"I fink I'm going to stand wight here and wait for Daddy!"


Here's an interruption from Daddy. Of course, Reed only stood at the window for 5 seconds to watch for my arrival. Soon, Mommy had to go to work so Miss Jennifer came over.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled pictures.


"Miss Jennifer, are you twying to twick me into eating my peas?"

"I don't fink I wike these."

"Miss Jennifer, I'm frew with my peas."

"I pwomise."


I think Reed had a fun Saturday even though it was rainy. I just got home from a quick trip to Virginia to teach a conference. Of course, I had to come in and hold Reed for a little while. He was supremely sweet and I missed my family dearly while I was gone.

The trip to Virginia was really great, but quick. The most interesting thing happened when I had gotten my baggage and was headed out to wait on the parking company to come and pick me up to take me to my car. I noticed a short, balding guy standing with his baggage by me. He looked exactly like Scott Hamilton. I called my MIL and asked her what his last name was because I couldn't remember. Then, he went in the little waiting area to check on his family and a lady walked up with her bag. I asked her if she thought it was Scott. She said, "I'm so glad you said that because I was thinking the same thing." We couldn't figure out why he was in Nashville. Finally the car arrived and everyone started loading in. I finally had to ask and I said, "Are you Scott Hamilton?" He said, "Sure am. Nice to meet you!" He was very attentive to his children and wife and seemed really nice.

I called Uncle Bill on the way home, and he said that he had read that Scott and his wife were looking for a place to raise their family and settled on Nashville.
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