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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

School Day!

Today was Reed's day to go to school. When he goes to MDO, that means that Mommy can get a little break and also she can clean the house without Reed uncleaning the house right behind her.

She was especially proud to get the bonus room nice and neat.

Reed cried when Abbey left him at MDO today. I think that he was alright after a couple of minutes. He usually doesn't get upset when we leave him, especially at church. That could be because he has the same teachers at church all the time and he has learned who they are and he loves them.

Reed must have had fun at MDO because when he got home he played for a while and then he was zonked!

He first fell asleep with his Mama, and then when I got home he woke up a little bit. I held him while I thought he was waking up, and then he went back to sleep. Always empathetic, I thought it best for me to also go to sleep with him. We must have been completely tuckered out because around 5:15, Abbey came up and said, y'all need to get up!

We went downstairs to discover that Mommy had cooked a yummy supper! She fixed green beans, potatoes, corn and prailine chicken. It was delicious.

After supper, Reed and I ran to the drugstore to pick up a prescription. Then, I had to go to a HOA meeting for our neighborhood. I got home just in time to give Reed his bottle so that was exciting.

We're starting to think about how we are going to landscape our yard this summer. We have some old growth from the previous owners that we need to move. Does anyone out there know when we should dig up shrubs to move them to a different area?
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