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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One Year

one year has passed since that wonderful day,
when you changed our lives in an amazing way.

for years we struggled through pain and strife,
but that all changed when you entered our life.

your smile made us feel immediately warm,
your face quietly calmed our fertility storm.

a long way we traveled to get to you,
our patience was tested, but faith got us through.

for six months pictures were all we could hold,
but each one we received felt like pieces of gold.

your heart is tender and oh so sweet,
We'll never forget the day we did meet.

your laugh makes each day bright and grand,
i cherish each moment i can hold your sweet hand.

I'll never forget that day. I had just been in my friend Debbie's office and work where she had asked me for an update about our adoption process. I was a little down and told her we had still not heard anything, but we anxiously were waiting for our referral. The ring in my phone seemed especially loud as I approached my office. I picked up my phone, only to her an energetic voice saying, "Did you see it?" It was Abbey and I had no clue what she was talking about. She told me to check my email. I did, and saw an email from our caseworker. I opened the email and saw, "Congratulations ..." I didn't bother to read anything else, I simply said, "I'm on my way," and I literally ran out of my door. I never leave my desk messy, but on this day it didn't matter. I came home and Abbey and I hurriedly opened our email. That's when our hearts were hooked and we knew that we were no longer two, but three. We were in love, and he was our son. Some may wonder how it could happen so quickly, and even I can't explain it, but can only credit it to lots of prayers and our Father's amazing grace. We literally LOVED our son from the very first second we laid eyes on him. Nothing could have stopped us for accepting our referral, because he was ours good and bad.

In the year that has passed since that wonderful day, so many things have happened. We have been physically united with our beautiful son, and each day with him creates in us more awe of the wonder of him. We call it a miracle and I know it is, it's a miracle that God made us a family.

Many people read our blog each day, and we would love to know what your first memory of Reed was and what you thought about him the first time you saw him. You may even want to include a special prayer for Reed.

And finally... A Reed Haiku

reed is my sweet son
he loves to sing, laugh, and play
we are very blessed


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