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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Snow Baby!

Yesterday, while Reed waited on Lola and Pop Rox to get there, he decided that he needed to push his John Deere around.

In the meantime, he was giving out plenty of his cute little looks!

Finally, Lola and Pop Rox arrived with gifts. One of them, the spinning light egg, really impressed him.

He wanted Lola to help him make it work.

It was VERY COLD and SNOWY when Reed woke up this morning. I was in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where it was 80 degrees. I think that Reed would have rather been there, and I know that I would have rathered Abbey and Reed to be with me.

After a long nap and waiting until the snow was sufficiently melting, they headed outside to examine the snow.

Reed doesn't really love the snow. Wait, Reed really DOESN'T like the snow. Where Reed was born, he would have never seen snow, so he's probably always going to prefer sunny weather most of his life. I certainly cannot blame him.

Reed had his first snowball.

Don't let Mommy's face fool you, she doesn't really like the cold either.

Some perspective into the depth of the snow.

Now, we're all home together again!!
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