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Monday, March 03, 2008

MMMmmm ... Breakfast

Reed woke up EARLY this morning. He has been doing that a little too much lately. We are ready for time change when his wake up time will hopefully adjust itself!

Anyway, he was excited to find my Starbursts on the ledge in the bonus room.

He has learned a lot recently about arm extensions. He likes to direct his mom and I around.

Reed also loves his drumsticks. He can turn anything into a drum.

Abbey fixed Reed his very own fresh cooked, warm breakfast and put it on his cute froggy plate.

She even gave him a fork which Reed was, of course, thrilled to be able to hold.

But, he found eating would be easier without the fork.

In this one, I believe that he was showing the fork all of the yumminess that it was missing.

Reed has begun to really cheese. He has the corniest grin it is so funny. Tonight, Reed kept looking at me during supper and grinning the biggest silly grin. It was hilarious.

Reed has decided that his sippy cup isn't that bad after all. He now only gets a bottle when he is going to bed. This is good and bad. He is ultra-cuddly when he is taking his bottle, so it's sad that we only get to experience that once a day now.

Here's a picture of Reed in his office. It is right behind the club chair in the bonus room. Reed spends much time back there.

It's so good to have the happy Reed back! We really missed him when he was sick.

He enjoyed smiling for the camera this morning, but judging from the fact that I deleted 55 of the 69 pictures today because Abbey didn't get his whole body in them, I would say that he was very active!

Reed wore his Mississippi College T-shirt today. MC is on Reed's list of approved colleges, which as you may recall is a pretty short list if we're paying for it.
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