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Sunday, March 16, 2008


I will get to the point of the blog (yes, there is going to be one) in a minute. First, a little guessing game. Guess who this is.

Any guesses?

Plaid and a vest?

I know what you are thinking ...

Okay, if you guessed Uncle Bill, you are WRONG! It's Reed, of course.

I bought this outfit at the consignment sale a few weeks ago and Reed worked with the cuteness of the outfit to make it ultra cute.

Today is Palm Sunday. It was on Palm Sunday that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey with people praising him yelling, "Hosanna" and waving Palm Branches. A few years ago, we began having a series of "hard-to-praise" events.

On the Saturday night before Palm Sunday, 3 years ago, Abbey and I suffered our first miscarriage.

It was the next Palm Sunday, 2 years ago, that we suffered our second miscarriage.

While it was hard, Abbey and I had to make sure that we were still praising Jesus, despite how hard it was during that time.

Last year, during the week prior to Palm Sunday, we received the referral of Yang Kai Cheng, now Drake Reed Kai Land! My what a difference a couple of years make!

This morning, we all (including Mr. Happy Reed) had to be at church at 7:40 because the choir was presenting the Easter Musical in both services. Reed started playing at soon as we got to the nursery which was a blessing.

The title of our Easter Musical was "How Great Is Our God." Some of you may remember that the song by the same title is what we dubbed as our theme song for our adoption of Reed and the blessings that God has given us in Reed.

The musical was AWESOME! It was quite emotional, but I was able to hold it together for the most part. As we were singing the finale during the second service, I realized how amazing it was that Palm Sunday has taken such a deep change in our lives over the past few years.

Of course, we were also singing "How Great is Our God" at this time. I began to get a little teary eyed, because I was so in awe of the blessings that God gives us inspite of ourselves.

This evening, I was laying on the floor and asked Reed to give me a kiss. Here is an example of how Reed gives kisses. Mouth wide open and LOTS of slobber!

Reed rediscovered ABC Tad tonight and he was excited.

This is one happy kid! He has the sweetest laugh and smile.

We got to meet a new couple at church today. They are newlyweds and are visiting our church. They came to eat lunch with us at Catfish House. We were glad to see some new young people in church.

Reed thought we were hilarious tonight!

We leave you tonight with this thought, WE ARE SO BLESSED!

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