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Sunday, March 02, 2008

How Reedo Got His Groove Back

Last night was a rough night for the Reedster. Around 1:00 AM he woke up with a pretty high fever. It was still that weird thing caused by the MMR shot. We gave him some Ibuprofen and then did cold-compresses. After placing the cold cloth on his forehead for a little while the fever was gone to his torso. We put it on his torso and it went to his arms. We put it on his arms and finally it decided to go away! We haven't seen it again and are believing that it is gone for good.

Reed woke up around 7:00 AM and wanted to read some books. I think we've mentioned already that Reed has become a voracious reader over the past few days. He now picks up a book and brings it to us for us to read to him. This is so different from the way he used to be toward books.

This morning, he started out reading "Guess How Much I Love You?" We love this book and have about 5 copies already, but we have always thought of it as a sentimental book. From the picture above, you can see that Reed thinks it's hilarious!

... And he didn't agree when I told him the story was a sentimental stories of a father rabbits love for his little rabbit. He insisted it was a comedy.

Look closely at the picture above. I think he was trying to read the book through reverse osmosis. Gosh, that kid is smart.

"Here, Daddy, read it again and see if you don't think it's funny."

All of that reading made Bubba sleepy. I've been worried that I have made it hard for Abbey to give him a nap because I always want Reed to nap beside me. That is all well and good, unless you have something to do. So, I made sure that Reed took his nap on his beloved pallet.

Somehow, he managed to lose a sock while he napped. Losing a sock is no trouble for Reed, but it's pretty amazing that he did it while he slept.

I realized when he woke up that his outfit was too small. I decided that I would change him since Britton was coming over for lunch and I didn't want Reed to be embarrassed.

He decided that it was time to move on to some really educational books, so he chose Dr. Seuss' "Mr. Brown can Moo! Can You?" He found it to be really funny. Especially when I read it to him and made all of the sounds that went along with it.

He was still a little sniffly today, but it was not nearly as bad as yesterday.

He still is drooling a ton! That i-tooth is not coming in really quickly.

Britton came over to play with Reed and he invited his parents to come over and play with us. Really, they came over to eat Sunday lunch, but it was a good time to let our boys "play" together. They really aren't that interested in each other all that much yet, but after a few minutes, Reed tried interacting with Britton.

Eventually they even held hands, but we missed this photo!

We know these boys are going to be trouble together, but we are so thankful that they can grow up together. We're really thankful that they are building a house right up the street from us!

It was a beautiful day! We had a surprise early this morning from Enna and Poppy. They send us the zoo membership we've been wanting for so long! We thought we might go to the zoo, but we didn't think we would have time for Abbey to get back for her commitments at church.

We did decided to go for a walk though.

Question: Do they purposefully make people cry who watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? I mean, why can't I watch this show without crying? I guess its a good cry though. The house tonight was beautiful. Very much a Jeff and Abbey style home.
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