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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rainy Days Are Here Again!

Today was dreary! It was so rainy and windy last night and it continued the whole day! When I got home, Reed was glad to see another face. He and Mommy had fun today, but as most of you know, Reed prefers an audience.

The above picture would be really great if we didn't have a POSSESSED camera!

Mommy was thankful that Reed diverted from his normal anti-nap self, to a 2.5 hour nap this afternoon.

It was probably a good thing that it was rainy today, because Mommy also ended up needing a nap. She was able to grab one when Reed went to sleep. The only problem is now she isn't sleepy and it's really close to bedtime. The good news is that she can work on one of her writing assignments once I go to bed.

Originally, I was planning on tilling up the flower beds with my friend Lewis on Friday, but unless there is some serious sunlight tomorrow, I would only be tilling up mud. So, since Mommy really needs to get work done, we might go to the zoo, although Reed and Mommy are planning on going to the zoo tomorrow, too.

Reed has learned to lift himself off the ground by himself now. He is really good at balancing. Look at how good he was at standing and squatting without falling over.

Apparently he really likes to stand/squat.

Reed doesn't let anything get in his way, including the exersaucer. He just crawls right through it when he needs to get to the other side.
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