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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Reed Visits Daddy at Work

Reed came to visit Daddy today at work. It's been a while since he and Abbey came to see me at work, so they had to come in.

Reed decided that he needed to rearrange Daddy's bookshelves for him.

It was tough for him to decide what needed to come out and what needed to stay.

He definitely needed that book that was just out of his reach.

"Daddy, your office is so funny!"

Reed decided that he needed to walk down the hall and visit Mrs. Trudy.

Notice his tongue sticking out slightly from his mouth. Apparently, this tongue helps him to balance himself when he is standing.

Everyone's heads always pop out of their manuscripts when Reed is on the floor. It's not that hard to quit editing long enough to come outside and see the Reedster. Mrs. Rachel (the baby's curriculum editor) always gets on the floor because she knows that Reed only sees what is at his height.

Mrs. Jessica (the best graphic designer EVER!), helped lift Reed up to play with some of the pink balloons outside of Sadie Wen's Daddy's door.

I love it when Reed and Abbey come to visit me at work! It's always a wonderful treat for everyone!
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