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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reed's First Visit to the Zoo!

Reed got to go to the zoo today for the first time. Reed's best friend Britton even got to come and go to the zoo. Reed definitely had a favorite animal.

The not-so-cute and definitely not cuddly Meer Kats. I am not sure if I spelled that right. I am guessing not since the spell check is saying not so much!

His not so favorite animal would be this MEAN camel! The camel came over to see Reed, but Reed did not like that at all!

Reed did touch the goat.

And ... well, apparently in two hours at the zoo, that's all you can see, or at least all that we have pictures of. When Reed and I go to the zoo, we're going to see the GIRAFFES!

Reed came home and literally HAD A BALL!

Notice, the drooling factory has moved back into Reed's mouth. We're pretty sure he is getting another tooth.

Reed was moving so fast, that every picture is blurred!

This boy is definitely on the move.

Sorry the above picture is blurry, but is this not the cutest little guy? He is so funny the way he sits in "big boy" positions.

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