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Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Walk in the Park

Reed woke up this morning early, AGAIN! He slept great, but he has decided that 6:00 AM is a wonderful wake-up time. We're hoping that Reed is going to really enjoy "springing" forward this Sunday morning.

Reed got to watch "Ni Hao, Kai-Lan" today for the first time. This is sort of like a Chinese Dora the Explorer. We think that it is interesting because Reed's third name is Kai and our last name is Land, so he is a Kai Land.

Reed also enjoyed reading a new book today. This book has foam shapes that pop out.

He played hide and seek around his exersaucer for a little while.

After lunch, Reed and Mama decided to go for a walk. But, first you have to stretch. Reed didn't want to get any cramps from Mommy's walking him in the stroller.

We have wonderful parks in our city and they are all connected by a walkway called the "Greenway". Reed loves to get to go on walks outside. I think that the sunlight really gets him in a good mood.

Reed doesn't miss a thing on his walks. He points at everything to make sure that you don't miss anything.

Reed's special surprise was that Britton and his mommy also came to the park for a walk.

Reed wasn't sure what he thought about Britton coming along at first.

He was shocked that Britton had a nice stroller too! Sometimes he thinks that he is the only person who knows how to do something or has something. Like, the way he is shocked EVERY time someone he meets knows "patty cake!"

The walk was tiring for the boys, so they decided to take a nap towards the end of the walk.

Britton sleeps to the right.

Reed sleeps to the left.
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