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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Celebration!

Here's the big surprise! Reed, Mommy, and I all dressed to match for church today. Reed and I had on identical outfits. We went to Gymboree on our date night a month or so ago and we saw this outfit. We looked up and saw a sign, "Dad Can Dress Like Son for Easter!" We had to go online to buy the matching shirt and vest, but it was well worth it.

Reed really loved getting to dress like his Daddy! Can't you tell?

One night, Reed, Abbey and I went to the mall to look for Abbey's outfit. We found this brown polka-dot dress and green jacket at JC Penny and it was the perfect complement to our attire.

I love the way that Abbey looks at Reed. There is so much love in that look.

Here's Reed and his buddy Lake with their Sunday School teacher, Mr. Robert.

The family picture. Don't worry, we have LOTS of pictures coming, but they were taken by Jodi (our photographer) and we haven't gotten them back yet.

When we got home, it was time for Reed to get look at his Easter Basket from Mommy and Daddy. We didn't get him too many toys, because he has plenty, but we did get him a couple of bathtime toys.

Reed wasn't really impressed by them, but he was impressed by fruit puffs.

After church, we had our new friends Danny and Meghan come over for a delicious lunch. Abbey really outdid herself with this meal. She fixed green beans, corn, twice baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, strawberry salad, and coconut cake. I contributed by buying a Honey Baked Ham.

Reed also got Easter Baskets from Lola and Pop Rox and Aunt Ava. He liked everything that he got for Easter, but we took today to start teaching him the real reason while we celebrate Easter! Christ is Risen!

Abbey fixed a little Easter happy for Danny and Meghan. I fixed up a little fresh flower arrangement for our centerpiece.

Abbey's coconut cake was beautiful and delicious.

We had an excellent Easter from Sunday School, to services, to lunch, and then resting.

Reed's outfit didn't fair so well through lunch, so we had to use some Shout action on it.

Tonight as I was getting ready to put Reed down for the night, Abbey had just given me his bottle and I asked her to pass me his blanket, however, I said "Will you give me my blankie?" We pretty much cracked up, because the funny thing is, I am pretty attached to blankets, but I don't usually refer to them as blankies, especially when they are my son's.

Happy Easter everyone! Teach your children the REAL reason why we celebrate! If you are not sure, email and we'd love to tell you about it!

Just in case you forgot, find out what we were doing last Easter, here.

Remember, we actually have a picture of Reed in his first Easter outfit, it came in our update that came on my birthday last July.
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