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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Grass Stains!

Reed woke up this morning with a serious case of bedhead. It was pretty wild, but the odd thing is, I have seen some people in concerts that pay BIG money for this exact same HAIRSTYLE!

Today was beautiful, so Abbey took Reed to the park and the greenway. Reed enjoyed the walk.

But he was really interested in the wheels on the stroller. That's right buddy, just like the bus, the wheels go round and round!

Reed thought that the water was pretty cool as well.

Reed ate a bit of Cheerios during his walk. It was a refreshing snack.

Daddy was jealous that Mommy and Reed got to go on a walk today, so we all went on a stroll in the wagon that Nana and Putty gave Reed when we very first found out about him. When we came home from our trip to tell our parents about our referral, it was in front of our garage door with a sign that said, "Reed's First Ride!"

The sun was bright! The weather was amazing. Tomorrow, Reed and Britton are going to go to the zoo.

The last time that we tried to let Reed go down the slide, he HATED it! It was probably because he was sick, but he didn't like it a bit!

This time he thought that the slide was a blast!

"Mommy, that was the funnest thing ever!"

Then, Reed wanted to get down and Mommy began to cringe. Each step he took, she cringed a little more. I had to remind Mommy that Reed was a little boy and grass stains would be in her future. She claims that it was just because she wanted him to wear that outfit to church tonight, but it was really bothering her that he was getting stains on his pants.

I assured her that "Spray and Wash" would come in handy and to just enjoy the moment!

And now, because you all have been behaving very well, here's a video of the sliding.

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