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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Reed's Busy Day!

Reed woke up this morning and had to get ready for school. Last week, Reed had a bit of a tough time at school, so we were a little worried about him going today, hoping that he would not cry too much.

Well, it didn't start off so well. Reed cried when Abbey dropped him off. She left him anyway, hoping he would calm down. I didn't go to work today, because I have an infected knee and Britton's mommy also, nurse practitioner extraordinaire needed me to come in so she could look at it and give me some medicine. She gave me some antibiotics and she cut my knee to let the gross stuff out! Yowwy!!!

I worked from home today. After Abbey and I ate a late lunch, I went to MDO to pick Reed up. Now, you must understand that we don't walk around introducing Reed as our "adopted son." He's simply, Reed, our son. Reed will know that he is adopted, but we aren't going to emphasize that he is our "adopted son." We just want him to be our little boy.

Abbey said that when she first took Reed, the teacher gave her a quizzical look, but she didn't say what was bothering her. The lady even tried to help move into the conversation by telling Abbey that her son was a dwarf (her words, not mine. I know that the correct term is little person). Abbey didn't really expound. She then asked Abbey "what her husband did for a living." I think Abbey might have told her I was a childhood specialist or something.

Anyway, all of that to say that she seemed pretty shocked today when I came to pick Reed up. Reed squealed LOUDLY and said "Daddy!" and crawled right to me. The teacher stuttered "You must be Reed's daddy." I proudly claimed my SON! So, I guess now, maybe she has figured out that Reed was adopted, not that we care. Maybe she will ask where he is from next week.

Oh, and the really important thing, is that after about 3 minutes of crying, she said that Reed had a great day! He ate all of his lunch and played with the other babies in his room. She did ask if it was hard to get housecleaning done because he was completely mesmerized by the swiffer wetjet. I assured her that Reed was dearly in love with cleaning tools like Vacuums and mops!

We went to have Reed's 1 year pictures today at Mrs. Jodi's studio. We had our Easter outfits and they were really cute. Reed was not as interested in the pictures as he was with Mrs. Jodi's two BIG dogs! Reed is not scared of dogs, period! Not even German Shepherd's apparently.

Reed also loved Mrs. Jodi's youngest son, Jacob! He though Jacob was funny. I can't wait until we get the pictures, because Reed had the CUTEST expressions today! His pictures are going to be so cute! We can't wait until next week when we get them back. We will be sure to post some of them on the blog.

Reed even got to ride on Max!

Reed was so tired after his eventful day, he konked out in the van on the way home!
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