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Friday, March 14, 2008

Rainy Day Activities

Reed and I woke up to a rainy day with no plans until late afternoon. What better to do than hang out in our pajamas in a tunnel?

When I asked Reed what he thought about the zoo yesterday, he had a lot to say. He's very passionate in his discussions on life. It often causes him to close his eyes during an especially informative conversation.

I promise I could take a hundred pictures of him just sleeping. He wears the sweetest expressions of complete peace.

Reed has several books from Target that have pull out pieces. He enjoys pulling them out a little too far, then carrying the pieces around. I'm not sure why, but he really wanted me to take it from him.

Reed also used this rainy day to practice his walking. His bloggy buddy Kobi gave him some great Weeboks that are really helping him to gain some ground. Lately, circles are his favorite way of using his newly found freedom.

Reed was really excited when he saw Ms. Candace pull up in the driveway. Okay, so I lied. He was actually asleep with Ms. Candace showed up to spend the night with us. If it helps any, he was looking out the window quite a bit around the time I expected her to arrive. Unfortunately, he was more focused on the boys across the street who were playing basketball. Tonight, after experiencing the frustration of living in a town that can't support enough restaurants without a long wait on busy nights, we headed to Cracker Barrel for dinner, where we still had to wait for a table. Reed was a trooper with the wait and enjoyed a good bit of biscuit, pancake, and pretty much anything I'd let him put in his mouth. I'm waiting to see him grow a foot or two overnight. He's definitely downing a major amount of food! It still amazes me that at this point a year ago, we had no idea our son even existed. We are so blessed!
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