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Monday, March 10, 2008

6 Months! Can You Believe It?

Reed spent a lot of time outside today. Of course, he had to have his time in the swing. That was fun. Reed decided to dress up and wear his screen printed tie shirt today.

Today is our six month Reediversary. Reed didn't quite understand how important that is, but that's a whole half of a year!

I think that the above picture is one of the cutest ever of Reed. Look at his face and how he is hanging onto the swing ropes. It's hilarious!

After I got home, Reed and I went outside to swing a little bit while Mommy went to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy. Reed and I think went to the front yard to wait on Mommy to come home. He loves it when one of us pulls up. He squeals!

After supper, we took advantage of the extra daylight and went on a walk. Mommy jogged some, but since jogging is against my religion, I just pushed the stroller. I guess I shouldn't say it's against my religion, but strenuous exercise seems to be a bit sadistic in my opinion. Eventually, I hope that I will enjoy exercising.

Today was very pretty, but it was a little chilly, so we wanted Reed to be warm. We put his puppy hat and mittens on. We were shocked that he never tried to pull either of them off.

And now ... For the Six Month Letter.

Dear Little Guy,

I can hardly believe that you have been with us for 6 months. That means close to half of your life you have been with us, but for Mommy and I it feels like a lifetime. You have brought so much joy to our lives and so many other people. Some people whom you have never met and quite possibly won't meet are even touched by your beautiful smile and happy personality. I want you to know how proud we are of you. You are learning to talk so well. You love to say Daddy, Mama, Bloon, Bye, Pweece (Please). But, your favorite word is "Hey!" You say it with the cutest southern accent and you say it to EVERYONE! When we are walking through Wal-Mart, into a restaurant, and at church, you are sure to greet the people you see. You have begun to get a little clingy, but that's okay, that just means you are bonding to Mommy and Daddy. You still love to go to church. Sometimes, when I am at work and I need a break, I look at pictures of you on my Mac. If people walk by my office, I bet they think I am silly because your face always makes me smile. At night, I always give you a bath and then your bottle. You love to curl up in my arms when you finish your bottle. It makes it really hard for me to put you in your bed! Reed, I love you so much. You are such a blessing. You have made Mommy and Daddy so happy! WE love you!

love, Daddy

And now ... Because you all have been so well behaved, here's your reward. A new video!

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