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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another Day in the Park!

Reed and Britton got to go on another walk in the park today. This time, Britton brought his two-seater wagon. Of course, the boys wanted to check out everything that was going on around them and not actually look at the camera.

Sometimes Reed sits like an old man. Isn't he funny in the picture above?

Britton wanted to show Reed how he could turn around in his seat. Reed thought it was really funny that Britton was so smart that he could figure that out. I also think that Britton had told Reed a funny joke, so that made Reed laugh even harder.

All best friends have really in-depth conversations about wheels. Here is a picture of Reed and Britton checking out the wheels on the wagon. Reed said to Britton, "Did you know that the wheels on the bus go round and round?"

Reed is definitely one that goes for comfort over grace. Look at the way he kicked his foot up on the side of the wagon.

It is getting really windy here tonight, so I think we are going to get some rain tomorrow. We are excited because we might get to see our friends, Todd, Caroline, and Hunter tomorrow around lunch. That would be great, because they have not gotten to meet Reed.

Tonight after supper, Reed and Abbey went outside to swing while I was on the deck putting together the new grill. The grill is huge and nice, but it came in 50,000 pieces. I got most of it put together, but it got dark and so I had to quit.
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