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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Froggy Boy

Reed loves his new light/fan/sucker that Aunt Ava gave him. While we're not really encouraging Reed to have sweets, it doesn't really matter, because he is completely uninterested in the sucker on the bottom of the fan. It is definitely the light that he is interested in.

He knows how to turn it on when he presses the button, but what he can't understand is why when he spins it himself, it doesn't light up.

Reed was excited to get to see his old pal the vacuum.

This is scary! It didn't take long for Reed to find my credit cards!

I guess Reed really believes "it pays to discover!"

He was pretty interested in the cards in my wallet. Unfortunately for him, we don't really have many credit cards, so he won't be getting far.

I do have a wallet full of almost empty giftcards though. I have trouble remembering to use them.

"Daddy, your wallet tastes yummy!"

"You are kidding me!"

"I just can't quite reach this itch. Will you scratch my back?"
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