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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Restful Saturday!

This morning, Reed woke up around 7:45. That was wonderful for us, because that's late for him! After breakfast, Reed decided that he needed to play with his tractor. To be honest, as much as Reed is like me, there is one way he is not, HE IS TOTALLY AGAINST ORDER! So, he really was moving his tractor because last night when I had cleaned up, I had put it in his place.

Another example of Reed's aversion to order are these little toys that Reed is playing with, inside the exersaucer, no less. The toys go in a barn that Reed got for his birthday. At the bottom of each animal is a shape and each shape has a specific place. Reed detests it when he sees they are in place. It's kind of fun to put them in and see how long it takes him to figure it out and pull them out.

Reed even tried to stand up while in the exersaucer.

Tomorrow, we will celebrate our first Easter as family.

Last year was actually Reed's first Easter, but he was in Taiwan at the time.

Tonight, we went to a prayer and worship service for our church's services tomorrow. We are holding them in the community center across the street so that there will be more seating capacity.

Hopefully, many people will come to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

The Land's are going to be decked out tomorrow morning, so be sure to check the blog tomorrow night for pictures.

Reed has several Easter baskets, and they have all been in plain view for several days now. However, today he finally noticed the one that Abbey and I are giving him. It had some fruit puffs in it and he thought that was grand!

This cold afternoon, we went over to Britton's new house to check it out. Really, it's not his house just yet, because they are still framing it, but it will be his house this summer and we are looking forward to it, because it is in the neighborhood right next to ours! It's a really short drive and a very doable walk away! Reed and Britton are going to be able to hang out a lot!


Easter baskets and egg hunts are fun, but please remember the real reason for Easter. Salvation was made possible because of the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross and his miraculous resurrection.
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