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Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Like most people who live in Tennessee, Reed has allergies. His cough closely rivals that of a cat trying to get a hairball up. I wish that I could say that colorful description was an exageration, but it's not. He really does sound like that. I am sure that he is tired of his sniffles and we are too.

Reed went on a walk in the park with Britton today. Of course, Britton remembered to wear his green, but no one in our home remembered it was St. Patrick's DAy.

Reed was thrilled when he saw his best friend Britton!

He wanted to share his Cheerios with Reed. Reed likes to offer the Cheerio to the point of actually putting it in your mouth, however, he never lets it go and eventually it lands in his mouth!

Tonight little man had his first Kid's Meal from Chick-fil-a. Not one to let a single bite slide past him, he ate every bit of his yummy meal.

The boy does love feeding himself.

After CFA, we headed to Target. I know that's a big surprise right! Well, it has been at least a month since I last stepped foot in Target and Abbey has not been in a while. What a difference a baby and budget make, right?

My trip to Virginia afforded us with a bit of extra cash, so we went to buy a grill. Our old grill was tired and well, has become more of a deck decoration than a useful cooking device.

The first Target that we went to didn't have the grill we wanted, so we headed to the one down the street from Nana and Putty's house.

They had the grill. Reed and Abbey stayed in the van while I went in to pick it up.

After we went to Target, we went to Nana and Putty's for a few minutes. That's where we discovered that Reed loves York Peppermint Patties. I believe, we know another cute little Tennessee girl who likes Yorks!

And finally, we leave you tonight with proof that gas prices are definitely on the rise. With prices like this, I don't think we'll be traveling much more. Thankfully, I think that the gas station attendant just misplaced a decimal.

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