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Thursday, January 10, 2008

North Caroline - Here We Are!

I am sure that the astute LandLife followers have noticed that we did not blog yesterday. The reason is pretty simple. We were headed to North Carolina for me (Jeff) to teach VBS conferences. The first part of this conference is to train people who will then go to their home states and train their state people, who then go to the state's churches and train more people. Altogether about 80,000 people get trained for VBS. Isn't that amazing?

Reed was a trooper throughout the long trip to North Carolina. It's expensive to fly in, so my company asks that we drive. Our rental is really cool a Rav4 (pretty neat). Uncle Bill traveled with us. One of the preschool trainers couldn't come, so now Abbey is also teaching! She's going to be teaching preschool crafts. Thankfully, hands dying to hold Reed are in MASSIVE supply, so finding someone to take him during the times that we are both teaching is not going to be hard!

Last night, Sir Sleepy Eyes, became Sir Sleep is Overrated and would not even hint at being sleepy. That's good because we had a faculty meeting until after 9:00. That's still quite a bit of different from his 6:30 nights this week.

I've learned something about my boy though, he says, "Dada, Dada" when he is trying to stay awake? Do you think he is trying to get me to rescue him, because he knows I am like butter when I hear him say that? The funny thing that he doesn't get, it Daddy is the bedtime guy and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I get to be hold him tight and tell him I love him a bunch while we're trying to go to sleep. Reed slept the whole night in the pack-n-play!

Mrs. Ann is probably most "hands-on" when it comes to Reed. It is almost impossible for her to walk past him without picking him up. Tonight at the Jeff Slaughter concert, he was doing some big time dancing (well, as we Southern Baptist's call it, interpretive movement).

Here's Bubber "interpretive moving" (it'd be a lot easier to call it dancing!) with Daddy.

Uncle Bill and Bubber making funny faces at each other. Reed was held and fed by more people at supper tonight than ever. I am sure he sampled some "unapproved" sweets!


And now, it's hard to believe, but it's time for the 4 Month Letter.

Dearest Son of Mine,

It's hard to believe that it's been four months since that sunny day. Sometimes I still tear up when I look at you because I am in complete awe of God's amazing grace, so sweetly bringing you into our lives. Even tonight as I laid you down to sleep, I commented to your Mommy, "Can you believe this?" It's almost impossible to comprehend that there was a place in my heart so big that I could fit all of the love that I have for you into it. This month your teeth have been shooting in with lightening speed and once again we were amazed that the most amazing smile in the whole wide world could become even more amazing. There is so much I could write, but three words say it all, I LOVE YOU.

Love, dada (by the way, I'd like for you to take your time learning "Daddy," dada will be just fine for now.)
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