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Monday, January 07, 2008

Home Visit Update

First off this morning, Reed had to check and see if that metal dinosaur was still at the top of the steps.

Much to Reed's dismay, we were quite impressed by it's wrangling ability and have decided that for sure, we will be keeping the contraption! (Note to all of you out there reading: We never even planned on taking the thing down, we just told Reed we would try it out and see if we liked it. We knew we would enjoy the peace of mind.

We also have additional peace of mind because Poppy did great in his heart cath today and the doctors think they can correct his problem is medicines. God definitely answered our prayers!

While Mommy finished getting ready for Mrs. Lisa's visit, Reed decided that he needed to push the John Deere around the Living room. He loves the tractor that Aunt Ava and Uncle Brookie gave him.

As we knew he would be, Reed was quite mesmerized by Mrs. Lisa's electric personality. He was so excited to have a visitor. The visit went really well. We passed our followup visit so we get to keep Reed. Good thing, because that baby "ain't goin nowheres if I got anything to do with it." Mrs. Lisa also gathered the information for our homestudy. She did our last homestudy with lightening speed and promises the same excellent fervor.

We had a very special treat, because Mrs. Lisa brought her beautiful daughter with her. We could just eat her up. She is darling. We've been wanting to get to meet her. Reed thought she was pretty cute too!

Reed also reached another milestone today, real milk! That's worth celebrating, because if you haven't priced formula lately, IT'S EXPENSIVE! Reed loves real milk, he sucks the bottles dry.

Sir Sleepy Eyes would not take a nap this afternoon, so he decided that he needed to go to sleep at 6:30. I put him in the bath which delayed his sleep for a while, but by 6:47 he was zonked and in bed.

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