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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sippy Cup and Cheddars

I'm having a few blogging troubles this evening. I think that when someone hacked into our account she might have changed a couple of settings. I am hoping that this picture is the one that I think it is. Reed looks like he had a rough night last night didn't he?

We are trying to get Reed used to using a sippy cup, because his peds says that when he turns a year old that is what he is supposed to be using. For those of you who are counting, you know that 1 year old is soon!!!

That's night quite your mouth buddy. Reed seems to be able to get everything into his mouth, except for that sippy cup. I think he is just playing us.

Tonight we had supper with Nana and Putty Sprinkles. They were glad to get to see Reed, since we haven't gotten to see them in several weeks. Before we got Reed, you'll remember that we saw them several times a week! Now, we are lucky if we get to see them once a month! Life certainly is more busy now that the baby is here!

Putty Sprinkles showed Reed the humongous fish tank at Cheddars. Reed loves fish, so he was happy to get to see the big tank!

Reed had an EXCELLENT day! He got to have lunch with his best friend Britton and then he took an incredible nap in the stroller while mommy shopped at Gymboree for his birthday outfit. Daddy was happy that mommy found him an outfit that was on sale! We're always happy to find a sale at Gymboree.

Developmentally, I guess we need to report that Reed talks almost constantly now. He is still mostly saying, "Bye bye" but does have a few other words in his cache. He is also standing up by himself a lot more. He has yet to take a step without assistance, but the way he is standing, I am betting it is any day now!
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