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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Making the Band

Yesterday, Mrs. Lisa brought Reed a new stuffed animal yesterday as a gift from our homestudy agency. It was a sweet thing to do and she even brought a beautiful quilt for Reed. It was so neat. It was sewn by a lady and given to the agency for a "special baby." That is certainly something that we will have to keep in Reed's memory chest.

Today, the "antinapper" was determined that he was going to become a one man show. Well, apparently he doesn't know that it's pretty obvious that he's already a one man show. But, he wanted all of you to love him for his musical talents and not just his good looks. He loves his "band" instruments.

First, he made sure that all of the instruments were in tune. He found most of them to be in tune, but one of the shakers was a little off key. He fixed it with a little fidgeting.

Where do I begin with this one? Did anyone besides me notice those eyelashes? Oh my goodness, or what about his hands? In case you are wondering, his hands are ALWAYS moving. Now, he has this new thing that when he is falling asleep, because he knows that we are going to put him in his bed, he will wrap his hand up in my shirt so that he will know when I put him down so that he can do the obligatory scream. Tonight, we was so exhausted, he stood up and thought about screaming, but then laid down and started snoozing.

This picture may mean more to me than it does to you. Being a dad means a lot to me and so I know that I have really big shoes to fill. I am excited as I think of watching our son grow to fill some shoes like these, all the while shuddering at the thought that he will one day be that big. He's already growing up too quickly.

Poppy gave Reed and Joshi identical soft teddy bears for Christmas. Reed wanted to give Poppy a kiss today, but since he is hundreds of miles away, he decided to give his teddy bear a kiss. Poppy is continuing to be in the hospital. Keep praying for him.
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