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Friday, January 25, 2008

Reed and Daddy's Big Adventure

What a difference a day makes! Reed had many happy faces today, so he must be feeling a little better.

After I got home, it was time for our, uh, I mean Reed's nap. Reed went right to sleep and since I am a father that wants to lead by example, I took a nap alongside him. Finally, Enna gave us a wake-up call around 5:40.

After I fed Reed supper, we decided that we would like to go on a little adventure to the places that everyone loathes, sorry, loves!

Because it is FREEZING outside, Reed and I had to bundle up!

"I've got the keys, Dada!"

We also made sure that we brought along the "Reed's Daddy" diaper bag. We couldn't be walking around the site of our big adventure with the girly Vera Bradley diaper bag, I mean really!

Safety first! Reed had to get all strapped into his carseat!

Our first stop at the "secret destination" was the Aquatic Adventure Science Museum. Okay, so, it was really just the pet department, but "Aquatic Science Museum" sounds so much more interesting!

Reed also checked out a set of wheels at the "BMX Speedway." Once again, it was really just the bike department, but that just makes it sound boring.

Then we bought Mommy a GINORMOUS stuffed teddy bear for Valentine's day! (Note: That preceding sentence was a complete, ball-faced lie! Mommy would kill us if we bought her a stuffed animal!)

This was also where there was a lady on her cell phone and she was walking past us and said to the phone "Hold on!" She then proceeded to reach for Reed and said, "You are the cutest thing I have ever seen. You are an angel, sweet boy!" Then she proceeded to tell the person on the phone about the "cutest baby boy she had ever seen."

Finally, we saw Laura, a girl from my Sunday School class and we took advantage of the photo op. It was here that Caleb, a guy I knew from our last church and an employee at the "secret destination" said, "If a manager sees you taking pictures, he is going to chew you out!" Hmmm ... I thought, I have never seen this policy posted anywhere in this destination.

Oh well, I went and got some lithium batteries because as you can imagine our digital camera can BLOW through the batteries. Then we headed to get Reed his new favorite beverage, Whole Milk. Then onto the cleaning products for some "Swiffer juice" and since I love buying cleaning supplies we also bought some kitchen cleaner (Note: Reed and I went to another place yesterday and bought some cleaning supplies, I love the smell of clean!). Finally, we went down the candy aisle and then down the ice cream aisle (my two favorite aisles at the secret destination). I was scared to take a picture because there was a mean looking manager type stocking the freezer section, but they have "Lifesaver" flavored sherbet! I didn't buy this time, but, mmmmmm.

So, then we checked out where it was obvious to me that the secret destination doesn't enforce all policies, like say, the "10 items or less" aisle!!!!! I mean, the people in this town must think the "secret destination" is the only place to be on Friday night!

So we finally made it through the checkout lane and I was loading up the van when I realized we had not paid for the lithium batteries. I hauled Reed and the batteries back and stood in line to pay for the batteries. The line was completely not moving, so I put the batteries down and left! But, hey, I should get an A for honesty!

So, have you guessed where we were yet?

That's right, Wal-Mart, where apparently it is against the rules to take pictures of your beautiful baby!
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