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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Sad Day

Today started off very normal around Landlife. Daddy woke up and went to work. Reed and Mommy got up later. Reed, of course, wanted to play with all things that are cheap and not really a toy, so he chose a bottled water today.

Mommy stayed busy today packing for our trip to Glorieta. The lows are supposed to be incredibly cold, so we had to pack extra warm clothes.

Then, after lunch, I got a phone call from my brother telling me that my Uncle Tim had suffered a massive heart attack and passed away this morning while getting his dialysis. It was very sad news, because my Uncle lived across the street from us, most of the time that we were growing up. He didn't get married until later in life, but at Christmas he always bought us some silly toy and he was sure to buy tons of fireworks. He and my Aunt Kathy adopted my cousin Ben a few years back. Now, Ben is five. Please pray for my Aunt Kathy and cousin Ben. This must be very hard on them.

Please also pray for my daddy, because I am sure this is very tough to lose one of your baby brothers. And for my Papa, this must be very hard on him.

So, instead of finishing up packing for Glorieta, we finished packing to head to Mississippi. I banked our flights and got my friend Heath to agree to teach my conference. We decided to head out tonight and made it to Memphis to Pop Rox and Lola's.

Reed was not pleased with the trip. We usually try to plan travel around naptimes, but we didn't have that option, so we got an unhappy traveler. We accidentally left the Mandisa CD in the rental last weekend, so I only had her on my IPOD.

I let Reed use it.

He was funny. He couldn't figure out why Auntie D's voice was coming out of my earbuds.

Tomorrow, we will continue our journey home. Please continue to remember our family in your prayers.
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