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Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Date!

So many things have not gone the way that we thought they would since we have become parents. For instance, who would think that we would be the laid back parents who don't fret over sterilizing and the such? Also, who would think that my little brother Bobby would be the type of Dad and Uncle that DOES fret over such things? Certainly not us. One thing that really has surprised me though is how much Uncle Trae loves his niece and nephew. Uncle Trae loves to hold, kiss, and talk to Reedo and I am so glad. I love my brothers so much and I am so glad that we can all love on our babies!

Uncle Bobby made sure that he was holding Reed as much as possible. He seems to always make sure that he has a baby in his hands!

Reed thought Uncle Bobby's head made the perfect bongo! By the way, thanks for all of the suggestions with the camera last week. I changed a setting and the pictures are much more clear, however, now it always flashes twice so the pictures are too bright. Anyone know what setting that is? In case anyone out there ever mistakenly believed that I am technical, you are wrong. I have a job to learn how to burn a DVD from our camera before Reed's birthday and I am scared to death! That's only 27 days away! Yikes! I better start learning!

We left Poppy and Enna's a few minutes after 11:00 and were able to stop in my hometown of Durant to take my Papa to lunch. We have been a little lacks on the camera use this weekend (I am sure much to my Uncle Mitch's dismay, who refers to Reed as the most photographed baby in America!), so we don't have any pictures of lunch. We also got to stop briefly to introduce Reed to Mrs. Glenda (my best friend Jay's mom) and his sister Lee Lee. I am so glad that Reedo finally got to meet Mrs. Glenda.

We headed to Memphis from there. We were at Pop Rox and Lola's briefly before telling Reed "bye bye" and going on a date. We went to see P.S. I Love You which was a pretty good movie. It kind of happened the way you want things to happen which to me is the best movie. I hate movies that don't turn out right. Why watch something not turn out right, it's fiction make things end right. Then we went to Pei Wei and ate and talked. Then we went to Macaroni Grill for dessert and we ate and talked some more. It was so nice to get to just spend some time catching up with my lovely wife. We need to be more proactive about that!
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