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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Home Sweet Home and Amazing Race in Taiwan!

Reed was thrilled to see his toys this morning! He was very excited and immediately began inspecting his toys to see if anyone had messed with them while he was gone.

He was delighted when he completed his inventory to find that not a single of his bazillion toys were out of place.

In other news from the day, there is not a lot to report. We vegged out on the sofa most of the day while Reed played. He took a 2.5 hour nap during that time.

I have been feeling nauseated for the past week or so. I feel fine when I am not around food, but as soon as I think about or smell food, I feel terrible. Thankfully, none of the other things that commonly occur after becoming nauseated have accompanied the feeling much. I am going to go to the doctor tomorrow. I am thinking it is probably an inflamed ulcer.

We're also getting the countertops tomorrow! We're really excited about getting them. When we leave on Wednesday to New Mexico, the ceramic flooring guys will be here to do the bathrooms. Then, drum roll please, WE'LL BE DONE WITH THE RENOVATIONS TO THE HOUSE!!!!

We're watching Amazing Race, in Reed's birth country of Taiwan! We didn't make it to the Night Market, but we have got to go next time. It looked really exciting. We did go to the pit stop, Chang Kai Shek Memorial Plaza.

It was really incredible to see it again on Amazing Race.

Note to self: Email the tutor for Mandarin language. Hey, you never know when you might be in Amazing Race and need to know Chinese!
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