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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friday's Happenings

Reed stayed with Aunt Ava yesterday while we were at the funeral. I am pretty sure that Aunt Ava had a great time keeping Reed.

The funeral was sad, but it was a celebration of life. I spoke and was glad that I did not get emotional. It really turned out well.

Uncle Bobby, Aunt Aly, and Joshi wanted to come spend some time with Reed so they came and spent the night. Even Uncle Trae spent the night at Enna and Poppy's. It was a house full. We went to eat at Macaroni Grill and had a very lively bunch.

Joshi and Reed had a great time together. Reed took one swing accidentally at her.

Reed even offered to help Enna feed Joshi her bottle. I bet if she would have let him help her, then he would have ended up helping himself to Joshi's bottle.

Reed really enjoyed eating Poppy and Enna's pasta.

Uncle Trae let Reed taste some of his sweet tea. Reed is definitely a southern boy, because he loves sweet tea.

Some man at the table next to us was very interested in the babies at the table. He and his wife had older children, so he enjoyed talking to the babies. He made Reed a "Roll Tide" sign.

Uncle Trae tried teaching Reed had to snap.

More pictures tonight. Aunt Ava has sent some pictures of their time together, but I haven't been able to upload all of them yet.
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