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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Schoolhouse Cafeteria

We ate lunch after church today with the Wright's! It was so great to see them, because it has been quite sometime since we have seen them. We've been busy moving into our house and making sure that the gas stations stay in business as we have been constantly in the road. The Wright's also have been busy settling into their new home and Jeff has been busy coaching basketball.

It took Reed a minute to remember Raleigh, because she has grown so much. She had a blingy bracelet on today. I bet if Reed had seen it, he would have loved it.

Check out the "faux hawk" on Reed. It was so cute! I'm telling you, the boy can pull off some really cool hair styles. His hair is starting to get thick, just another sign that he is growing up too quickly!

Reed was so excited to find that Raleigh had a mouth. Always, the accomodating girlfriend, Raleigh was happy to let him put his finger in her mouth. Reed thinks that everyone's mouths are happier with his finger in them. Try that with your finger in his mouth though, and well, get ready to get bitten, HARD!

Reed was also excited to get to see Ms. Jennifer. We also were able to make a date for Reed and Ms. Jennifer for Friday night. She is going to babysit Reed since I have to work and Abbey is going to go to stamping.

It was a thrill a minute for Reed, since his best friend Britton was also at the schoolhouse!

Tonight, Abbey began leading Worship KIDstyle at church and I was helping her. Reed had a blast playing in the nursery. He was so sleepy when we picked him up. We came home and he went straight to bed.
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