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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Aunt Ava's Day with Reed

Since Jeff was having so much trouble uploading my pictures I sent him of the day I kept Reed, I decided to hack in to blogger and post them myself! We had such a fun day together- he is such a good baby!
We went to the park twice and strolled around the neighboorhood! He loved the swings and watching the other kids ride their bikes up and down the sidewalk. I didn't get any pictures of him at the park, but here is the best picture i could get of the two of us...

He LOVED this water bottle and to think I went out the day before to buy him a new toy and all I really had to do was drink a bottle of water and give it to him!

"Aunt Ava, Can you believe my ma-ma and da-da have not called to check on me not once today?" He sure looked stylin' with his new red shoes and my red cell phone! I made sure Abbey dressed him in red so that his shoes I got for him would match.

We had a fun time together and he even took a 2 hour nap for me- his parents say this isn't normal for the little guy!

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