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Monday, January 21, 2008


Our countertops were installed last week, just before we left to go to Mississippi. We are thankful to have this phase of the renovation done. The finishing touches on the bathroom floors will be tomorrow. Then, we won't have anything left major to do for quite some time (we hope!)!

Reed was nice enough to model the new 95% granite countertops. How many of you out there can say you have 95% granite countertops? Sure, I bet most of you can say, "We have 100% granite countertops," but I bet very few can say they have 95% granite. The other 5% is an epoxy mixture. We're really pleased with them.

Now, we have to try to paint the cabinet door handles. Abbey has also decided that she would like our cabinets stained a darker brown. Anyone out there up for refinishing some cabinets?

We also had the hearth covered with granite while the countertop people were here. The old hearth was this really ugly tile that we hated. Reed really likes the new hearth.

Reed was showing off his cute stance tonight. Mommy reported that Reed had a somewhat topsy-turvy day. When I got home though, he was all silly. He laughed and played hard. Tonight after a huge supper (he ate 10 ounces of baby food), he played and laughed so hard with his mommy and daddy. It wore him out quickly. He was so sleepy tonight after his bottle that he kept pushing it out of the way and curling up in my arms. It was so funny.
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