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Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Van is Sick

Last night, we went to church and afterwards we came out and got in the van. I turned on the lights, and then we headed home. After getting past the city lights, a car started blinking his high beams at me. Abbey thought that it was just a loose light on his car and then we turned onto a dark road. NO LIGHTS!

If I held the "high beam" light switch they would work, but the otherwise, it was a DARK ride. I left a little later this morning so that it would be bright enough for me to drive the van in to take it to the dealership near my job.

After a little while, the guy called to tell me that it was a faulty switch (of course, we are 4,000 miles out of warranty), and I told him to fix it, please. He said that he would get to it quickly.

At 2:00 PM, I called to find out the status of the van. He told me that the part wasn't there and had to be brought in from a another dealership. I called again at 3:15 to see if the part was there, because my coworkers were starting to leave and it is COLD outside. I didn't want to walk to the dealership. He told me that he thought the part was there and went to check. When he came back to the line, he said that he was sorry because it was the wrong switch. Now, I am not a mechanic and I am certainly not a genius at anything especially car-oriented things, but how hard is it to say, "I need a headlight switch for a 2005 Chrysler Town and Country." If that was said, then how hard is it for the person to pull the switch for the van!

I have been continually unimpressed by this dealership's LACK of timely repairs, and yet they are ranked a 5-star service dealership. Hmmm ... The survey person needs to call me again.

Thankfully, Miss Candace was still at work and she brought me home. She would never pass up a chance to see Reed.

Tomorrow, Mrs. Trudy is going to let me ride to work with her and the switch on the van hopefully will be FIXED!

On the Reed front, the big news is that teeth numbers 5 and 6 are coming in.
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