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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Pray for Poppy

Last night, around midnight, I thought I heard the beep my phone makes when it is on "meeting" setting. I dismissed it as hearing things and then I heard it again. I fumbled to the kitchen where I thought my phone was and squinted to see that Trae was calling me. He told me that Poppy had a mild heart attack yesterday. I don't know if anyone else out there in bloggyland lives hundreds of miles from your parents, but this is just not a fun phone call to get. I kind of felt like I had been kicked in the stomach. Thankfully, Enna (my mom) took Poppy (my dad) to the hospital and he was okay. He is still in the hospital and will have a procedure to find the blockage and possibly put in a balloon or stint tomorrow. Hopefully they can do that and he won't have to have another bypass. We are still here in Tennessee worrying and praying for Poppy. We would appreciate your prayers for him as well.


Today, after church, we headed to PF Chang's with our Small Group. It was our farewell meal for Jimmy and Meilyn. I added a link to their site under "Friends".

Reed got to see his favorite Filipino, Mrs. Grace.

Here is a picture of our group, minus a couple of couples who are unable to attend do to pregnancy bedrest.

Here we are with Jimmy and Meilyn.

Reed really enjoys spoon time after he is done eating. He will play with it for several minutes and then throws it on the floor to signify he is ready to move on to something else.

Alas, it was time to unveil the new baby gate at the top of the stairwell in the bonus room. While Reed has been completely uninterested with the stairs near his bedroom, he is enthralled with the stairs in the bonus room.

... and how did he react?

Exactly as expected!

Reed is demonstrating his attempt to fit in with current fashion trends as seen as you tour our local Wally World. He is demonstrating his successful attempt at sagging. I guess he got his daddy's bottom!

Wonder what they are looking at?

Now for a funny story.

As probably expected I have been a little preoccupied today worrying about my Dad. I was on the phone with Uncle Bill telling him about my Dad while going through the drive thru at Wendy's. I pulled to the window, got my drinks and paid for the food. I thanked them and drove off. When I was almost home and still on the phone with Bill, I realized I didn't smell any food. I drove off without getting it. I had to go back to the window where the guy smiled and said, "Decided to come and get your food?"

The answer to the question last night: Reed wore his PJs ALL day yesterday. We never put and "real" clothes on him.
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