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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Meeting Family

Tonight at Uncle Tim's visitation, Reed got to meet lots of extended family members. Tonight, he was able to meet cousins Margie and Ivy from North Carolina. They were more than happy hold Reed for a few minutes. Reed took a few minutes to warm up to people tonight. But, once he realized that everyone was excited to hold and see him, he was more than happy to oblige.

Reed also got to finally meet my dear Aunt Betty Jo. I was so glad for them to finally get to meet. She was my Mimi's sister, so it was great to see her hold him, although as soon as she picked him up, humongous tears filled my eyes as I was overcome with the desire for my Mimi to get to hold and meet Reed. Mimi, however, is living it up in heaven with her son Tim!

Reed also got meet my cousin Dain. Dain and I look so much alike, except he is ten feet tall.

This black-and-white is of Dain, but it looks a lot like me. Dain was blessed with better skin and he is several years younger than I am, so he doesn't have the wrinkles. He has blonde hair where mine is grey too!

Cousin Tina also got to meet Reed. She is the daughter of my Uncle Reedy and Aunt Carol who we lived next-door to for a little while we were growing up.

Reed got to meet cousin Faith of London/New York by way of North Carolina. She was super-siked to meet Reed in person!

Here's a picture of when Flat Reed got to meet Aunt Betty Jo!

Tomorrow, we promise some pictures of Uncle Trae with Reed and Enna and Poppy with Reed. We haven't seen Uncle Bobby, Aunt Aly, and Joshi yet!
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