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Monday, January 28, 2008

Clumsy Monday!

Reed had a silly day! He was climbing in boxes that were too small for him and finding toys he had forgotten he owned.

Mommy said that Reed was thrilled when he found his bowling pin. He must have forgotten that he had it.

We haven't seen any new teeth, but we are pretty sure that he is getting some new teeth somewhere. He is chewing on things a lot!

What exactly is that expression his face!?!?!

Back to the tiny box in order to get to the big box!

"Mommy, I think that I need a bigger box to stand in."

Tonight, I had to teach a conference on the opposite side of Nashville. It was pretty well attended, but I was really missing my family!!!

With a face that cute, and a mommy that is so great, who wouldn't miss being with my family!!!??!?!? When I came home. I gave Abbey a quick kiss and talked for a second. Then, I headed off to Reed's room where he was soundly sleeping. As you might imagine, he was soon soundly sleeping in my arms where I was rocking him in his glider for a few minutes. Come on now, you didn't expect me to let my sleeping child lie did you? I hadn't seen him ALL DAY!

Wow! He was excited about something!

He loves the stuffed animals that he got in his package from Taiwan!
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