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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

Reed had an extremely happy day! He was smiling a bunch! Abbey took a bunch of pictures today and he was smiling in all of them.

"Mama, this cell phone is funny!!!"

Those more astute and dedicated LandLife "reed"ers will notice that his eyes are smiling and you can also see the smile behind the stopper.

Abbey also realized today that you can tell Reed to clap and he will start to clap immediately. We used to say, "Yeah" and he would start clapping. Now, he knows that "clap" means to start clapping. He is so smart.

People have commented that Reed is starting to act like me. That's a little scary for some I know, but I think it is just great. One really funny thing for those of you who've ever taken a picture of me is that I almost always smile with my mouth wide open. It looks like Reed is going to be an open mouth smiler.

Tonight, Reed took a couple of steps tonight without the support of anything. I am not sure that we can count it as walking, but one thing is for sure, he definitely thinks that trying to walk is HILARIOUS! You can hold him up and he will take a step and jump forward and laugh his head off!

Tonight in the tub, which also doubles as a container of water that Reed tries his hardest to empty onto the tile during the course of his bath, Reed would stand and hold himself up by the side. I would say, "Reed clap." He would let go, stand, and clap. Poor little guy, he has great balance, but he's scared to let go and take a step.

I am thinking that we need to get him a "magic feather" like Dumbo had. Maybe if he would hold it in his hand he would be willing to take a step.

We are thinking that Reed is going to see his first snow and ice! That is going to be a bit of a challenge for me as I am supposed to be teaching a VBS conference downtown in the morning. Hopefully the department of transportation will be putting the brine on the roads.

I love this kid.
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