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Saturday, October 20, 2007

What a Day!

Today has been quite interesting! Reed and I woke up and hit the Donut Palace. We came home and I got ready. Then Abbey took a shower while I gave Reed a bath. After his bath I got him ready and Reed ended up falling asleep. I was feeling empathetic once again and took a nap with him.

Once he awoke, I took him downstairs. Abbey kept him while I went upstairs to make his bed. I thought I would be helpful and got a pair of socks out for Reed. He hadn't worn the pair I selected, so I started pulling them apart (you know that little plastic thing). I must have gritted my teeth because the next thing I knew, most of my front tooth was flying out!

I had a root canal on it sometime back, but hadn't gotten a crown. Well, something had to be done, so the wonderful wife found a dentist who would fix it for me!

Until the dentist could get ready to see me, Reed fell asleep and I washed the van. Abbey fixed lunch for Uncle Brookie and Aunt Ava.

While I was at the dentist, UB and AA arrived. AA brought bubby a present. It was a book, a ball, and a camo outfit.

Then Reed tried on UB's boots. He liked wearing them and was pretty cute I thought!

The dentist was really nice and I now have a nice "prothestic" tooth for the next few weeks until the crown comes back. There are many reasons why it was good that the tooth broke today:

1. It could have broken tonight and then I would have had half a tooth and a lisp at Reed's dedication tomorrow.
2. It could have broken when we were in Taiwan and I don't even want to go into how bad that would have been.
3. It could have broken next week and I would have been too busy in Writer's Conference.

Plus, we've been looking for a local dentist because our current dentist is nearly an hour away and I think we found a great new dentist!
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