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Friday, October 05, 2007

My First Playgroup

Reed went to his first playgroup today and mommy found another reason to LOVE living in Nashvegas.

The playgroup was at Steven Curtis Chapman's house and Abbey got to meet his wife and two of their daughters from China. SCC is her absolute favorite singer and I believe she was starstruck even though she didn't see him. SCC has done tons for helping spread the word about international adoptions. Thankfully, even though we didn't receive any grants from his organization, we can go to their playgroups!

Reed loved the push around car. Daddy wasn't thrilled with it being a pink car, but he is pretty sure that Reed is going to have to get one. Maybe I will get to go to playgroup sometime.

We went to supper tonight at Hardee's because 1. we had a coupon, and 2. they now have Hawaiian Chicken Sandwiches. Reed enjoyed sitting in the highchair reading (eating) his book. Some pages must taste better than others.

Look at how fast he moves when he gets excited. It will be so neat to see how his gross and fine motor skills develop.

Mommy went to stamp at Mrs. Susan's house tonight, so Reed and I had the evening to ourselves. Well, I guess you could say we had 1.5 hours to ourselves until it was time for Reed's bedtime. After that point, he was pretty much asleep!

Reed is now "Mr. Crawls A lot!" So, he was in the LR while I was in the kitchen fixing his "peas and carrots" which he absolutely detests, DETESTS! Anyway, he crawled into the kitchen and discovered the trash can. He was quite impressed by the baby that he saw in the reflection.

He was just talking and talking to it.

He even thought it deserved one of his sweet kisses. (Yes, I know it is gross to allow your kid to kiss a trash can, but isn't it pretty cute?)

Reed "ate" his baby food (not really!), then had some cereal. Next it was off to the bathtub, which would be some really cute pictures, but right now he is crawling out of the "duckie," and I am not a big fan of posting his toosh all over the WWW. Then, he had his bottle and fell asleep in my arms.

This, my bloggy friends, is the life!
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