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Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm Proud to be an American (and they can't take that away!)

Today we completed our Writers' Conference for 2009-2010 curriculum. I had an excellent group of writers. One writer is not pictured, Mary, because unfortunately she became ill and couldn't come today. We also had the help of a real live missionary, but I can't show her photo for security reasons.

Second Row:
Pam (Florida), Natalie (Texas), Beth (Mississippi), Reed (Tennessee), Susie (Illinois), Mark (Missouri), missionary, Jeff (Tennessee), Dave (Ohio)

First row: Stephanie (Tennessee), Joanna (Tennessee), Charlotte (Tennessee), and GG (Missouri)

Mrs. Beth is our very dear friend and one of my writers. She just loved getting to see and play with Reed.

I finally figured out how to play with the photos, so the next few you will see have been edited some.

When we got home, we had a special package from the US Department Citizenship.

Reed got his official certificate of citizenship along with a letter from the president.

Reed did not want his mommy taking away his America!

Reed thought that President Bush's letter looked very tasty!
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