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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Reed Visits Mommy's Old School

Reed got to visit his mommy's old school today. He had to see Mrs. Laura, one of Abbey's coworkers and good friend. I think that everyone was impressed by Reed. And Reed ...

... Well, Reed was impressed by the keyboards, ALL of the keyboards. About as impressed as Reed was by the ceiling fan section of Lowe's tonight. He thought he had died and gone to ceiling fan heaven.

After visiting a while at the school, Abbey and Reed went over to visit Mrs. Amber and her family. Mrs. Amber used to work with Abbey at the school, but she's also being a stay-at-home mommy now.

Reed enjoyed chasing Ryley around the house! He's become a pretty good crawler.

Reed and mommy were both pretty worn out by the time that they got home. I think that they had a great time today, except I believe that mommy was missing Reed a little bit. It seems that everyone else got to hold Reed, but her!

By the way, Reed's hair was wet in last night's post, it wasn't that greasy! Come on you people!
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