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Friday, October 12, 2007

Reed in Black and White

Here are some photos of our beautiful baby boy in black and white. We do hope that you enjoy them. Reed has been really busy over the past couple of days. He's moved to peaches and now to pears. Both of which rival his favorite apple sauce. I am thinking he's going to be into all of the fruits a lot more than the veggies.

Abbey is working tonight at the Catfish House, so it was another guys night this Friday night. We went to eat at the CH so that we could see mommy. It was good.

Reed and I laid down at 4:15 this afternoon and didn't wake up until 6:00 when Lola called to check in on us. That's about the longest nap he's taken in a long time! You know that I didn't mind.

Tomorrow we are supposed to visit the Loveless Cafe Fall Festival. That should be good. At some point this weekend, I have got to write the VBX conference for state trainings, it's due on Monday. I hope that I will get motivated to write it soon!

Before Reed went to sleep he played in his room for a few minutes while I vacuumed. He took his bath and bottle, then went straight to sleep. I folded clothes and cleaned all 3 bathrooms.

I came downstairs and got Reed's bottle ready for 3:00 AM (he's been REALLY regular about waking up at this time this week)
and I cleaned the kitchen up.

Now, I am about to go lay down upstairs, because the battery is dead in the remote down here. Isn't that lazy!

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