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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Reed's New Noise

Last night, right before we ate, the Sprinkles came by with a gift from their favorite Sprinkle, Walt. Reed discovered his gift this morning and immediately started playing with it.

The Sprinkles, along with Uncle Bill, went to look at our new house with us. Since it is only a couple of doors down, we just walked.

By the way, we sold our house. Well, we are under contract I guess I should say. If anyone wants to know the name of our realtor, let us know!

After supper, it was time for Reed's bath. The problem was that our realtor called right before we washed Reed's hair. I told Uncle Bill to finish. Well, apparently a man whose never had children, isn't quite sure how much shampoo to use. Check out Reed's hair. It doesn't have that "light and fluffy bounce" that it normally has.

The not-so-amazing thing is that he is just beautiful even with greasy hair!

I'm not exactly sure that he was ready to wake up.

Check out the video below. Reed will demonstrate his new "excited" sound.

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