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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Reed's First Trip to the Zoo (a.k.a. Petsmart)

We took Reed to the zoo yesterday. Mommy says that I have to quit calling it the zoo, but I think that it will suffice for Reed right now. We'll have to wait until Annslee and Mia take him to the real zoo! It was really Petsmart. The Petsmart is right next to Babies R Us, so we decided that we would go in and visit. We are planning on getting an aquarium when we move into the new house because we think that Reed would really love fish!

Although Reed loved the goldfish, I doubt we will have any in the house. We may, however, make a small pond out back for them to play in. Maybe Mia's daddy will help me build one like they have!

Reed was really impressed by the birds, but mommy wouldn't let him look at the mice or snakes.

He especially liked the parakeets!

Reed was also enjoying look at the kitties. We are thinking of getting Reed a kitty to live in the backyard when we get the new house, since we will have a fence.

And we leave you tonight with yet another sideways video! Reed laughs a lot at the things his daddy does. Tonight we discovered that he thinks "smoochy" noises are hilarious!

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